A.M.A. A.M.A. 60 Growing Container 115001-04

A.M.A. 60 Growing Container


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Product Information

The innovative A.M.A. 60 Growing Container is a specialized growing container design in collaboration with greenhouse growers to enable indoor organic vegetable production. When these containers are placed end to end in a typical vegetable greenhouse, growers meet the minimum soil volume per square meter for organic certification. These containers can be placed on a greenhouse floor or on existing gutters (subject to gutter width and additional gutter support for weight). They are very durable, reusable, easy to fill or re-fill, have four strategically placed drainage holes and feet. Made to order – allow about 8 weeks – a minimum order may apply.

  • Meet your minimum soil requirement for organic certification
  • Innovative solution by A.M.A.
  • Easy soil handling
  • Durable for long term use
  • Eight drainage holes
  • Custom drainage options available – contact A.M.A.
  • Made to order

Product Specifications

Dimensions 39 × 55 × 32 in (99.06 × 139.7 × 81.28 cm)
Size 21.7"x15.7"x12.5"
Colour White