East Jordan Plastics SP630 6.3″ Shuttle Pot

SP630 6.3″ Shuttle Pot


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Product Information

SP630 6.3″ Shuttle Pot is designed with a sturdy rim and shoulders for quick de-nesting and dispensing to move more plants more quickly. Made in the USA, this co-extruded pot is extra strong and stable. A dark inner layer prevents light from harming delicate roots. Dual-level drain holes and footed bottom design facilitate better drainage. A smooth, seamless finish facilitates easy plant removal. The outside is boldly colored, from a variety of colour options, and can be printed on for that extra edge that can create fly-off-the-shelf sales appeal.

Product Specifications

Weight 0.06 lbs (28.35 g)
Dimensions 6.3 × 6.3 × 6.38 in (16 × 16 × 16.19 cm)
Size 6.3"
Shape Round
Volume 2.5 qt
Colour Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Sage Green, Terracotta, White